Happy Summer!

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Happy summer break to all of our wonderful children! We hope that you had a fantastic school year and we look forward to those who will be returning for the 2013/2014 year. We wish our graduates much success and some giggles too, in Kindergarten- we’re positive that you will be so very prepared for all that Kindergarten has to offer.

Summer camps begin on June 10th. We look forward to seeing all of our campers for our 9 fun filled weeks of summer excitement. Thursdays are exceptionally exciting with water play day, ice cream and lunch from either Cozzolino’s or Chick-Fil-A!

We would like to thank all of our families for being so supportive this year. We understand that you entrust us with your most precious gift. For that, we say thank you!!!!

Have a fun and safe summer!


Summer Safety

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With summer vacation only a couple of weeks away, we parents have to get our summer safety refresher.

  • Wear Sunscreen: Sunny and cloudy days require sunscreen. Apply enough and reapply at least every 2 hours or after swimming or sweating. Click here for more sun and water safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Keep Bug Spray on Hand: The American Academy of Pediatrics says that up to 30 percent DEET is safe in children, although they do not recommending using it in infants less than two months old. Keep an eye out for skin irritation and always ask your doctor if you are not sure what to use.  Keep some bug spray in your car as well as home so you have it when you are off to watch fireworks one evening or out for a picnic. Mosquitos are not the only buggers over the summer. Ticks are already out too so check your child daily. If you find a tick, don't panic. Read this flyer from for instructions on how to remove it.  Mark your calendar to help you remember when you removed the tick if a symptoms show up later so you can give your pediatrician an accurate date.
  • Always Wear Helmets on anything with Wheels: If you are not sure what size helmet to get for your little one, go to a bike store to get fitted properly. Misfitted helmets do not help and can be dangerous.
  • Bandaids: Those fresh winter knees start showing in shorts and they are just one fall away from a boo boo. Stock up on some fun bandaids of all sizes to make it easier. In fact, pack a few baggies full of bandaids, lollypops, stickers and Neosporin to keep all around (garage, car, home, beach bag) so you are always ready.
  • Stay Hydrated: Keep your kids hydrated with water. Bring bottles of water with you when you are out to ensure they are drinking enough. Take breaks while playing outside or at the pool to have a drink.
  • Water Safety - Pools, Lakes, Beach: Never leave your child unattended around water. Please teach your children how to be safe around water including no running around pools, always wear life jackets on boats, never swim alone and no horseplay. Even baby pools can be dangerous, please keep an eye on your preschooler and drain or cover little pools after each use.
  • Enjoy Fireworks from Afar: So cool, but please do not let your preschool handle or stand close to fireworks.
  • Playground Safety: Check your playground equipment for lose bolts or splintered wood. Metal slides (and actually a lot of plastic ones too) or playground pieces can get very hot and burn. 
  • Lawn Mowing: do not mow around your child. 
  • Snakes: Most snakes will know your child is coming, and will be gone before anyone even sees it. But, in case it is slow or lazy, make sure you are prepared.  Review this overview from the Natural Science Museum to familiarize yourself with the poisonous snakes in our area. Teach your children that, like with most critters and bugs and other creepers, leave them alone and they will leave you alone.
  • Poison Ivy: Difficult to spot but if you learn to identify poison ivy, you will be able to steer your preschooler (and yourself) away from it or have it removed.
  • Travel: When your family is at a theme park or any place not familiar to the group, make sure you all have a plan on what to do if someone gets lost. Be proactive and get bracelets with emergency contact information. 
  • Rest: Take time out of everyday to get a break. Good for kids, really good for mom :)
  • Bedtime: If you allow your child to stay up later in the summer, make sure they are consistantly back to their 'school bedtime' two weeks before school starts to get them used to their schedule.

Make sure before sending your child to Triangle Academy Summer Camp that you apply sunscreen and/or bug repelant before they come to camp. We cannot apply it here. This is also a good rule before sending your kids out with the grandparents, baby sitter (or dad, no offense) who may not know how to do it the way you do :)


Spring Fling!

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After a month of temperatures bouncing between the 30s and 80s, Spring is finally here! The pollen has (hopefully) been all wiped out with the big rains and flowers are blooming around the triangle area. Most likely the warmer weather has been getting your preschooler (and you) excited for more outdoor play. 

Please join us this Friday, May 3rd from 6:00-8:00pm for a fun-filled night of games, pony rides, a bounce house and much more as we celebrate Spring and the end of another wonderful year of preschool at Triangle Academy! 

Games and Rides: Games will be set up inside and outside for preschoolers and their older siblings. Pony rides and a bounce house will be the hit of the evening!

Game Event Wrist Bands: Wrist bands will be sold for $10/child. The wristband will give your child unlimited access to all of the games and rides. There is no additional charge for parents. You can stop by the office to pre-purchase your wristband this week if you would like to avoid the ticket lines on the night of the event.

Gift Baskets: Raffle tickets will be available on sale to enter you in the drawing for our baskets. You can browse our fun, beautiful and practical baskets at the Spring Fling.

Kick off this Spring season with us, at Triangle Academy Preschool, at our annual Spring Fling!