December Fun

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Thanksgiving was only a week ago, yet the holidays are in full swing. Fill this month with fun family activities with your preschooler. Click here to print out the list below as a checklist with a date column so you can remember what you did and when you did it! There are extra rows so you can add your own holiday traditions as well!

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How soon is too soon?

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Early Christmas DecoratingHow soon is too soon?

No, I am not referring to when you start your kids in sports or kindergarten.... I am talking Christmas decorating. 

I used to think there were two simple timelines....

  1. Halloween decorations cannot go up until October 1st. 
  2. Christmas decorations cannot go up until December 1st. 

At some point a few years ago, I started relating the Fall season to back-to-school so it became reasonable to put up Fall decorations in September but I still waited until October for Halloween spider webs and such.

I also adjusted my Christmas timeline to allow for decorations anytime after Thanksgiving and would normally dedicate the long weekend following the holiday for a bulk of my decorating.

This year, however.....

I decorated for Christmas over the past weekend (November 17th)! ~Blush~ This is an all time record for me. 

Here are some reasons why:

  • Thanksgiving falls very late in November this year.
  • We are very busy the weekend following Thanksgiving and will not have decorating time.
  • I had time over the weekend where I could take my time and not rush the process. What fun is it if you don't enjoy it?
  • It makes me happy to get in the Christmas spirit and most important.... it makes my kids happy!

So, although I do not agree with decorating in July or keeping decor up through Easter, I have jumped on to the early decorator band wagon. If it makes you and your family happy, gets you in the giving spirit, and provides with another reason to reflect on our blessings and family.... GO FOR IT!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy decorating!


Back to School for Preschoolers

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With the new school year quickly approaching it is time to ask ourselves 'Are we Ready?'

If your child is enrolled at Triangle Academy this fall, they were likely in at least one camp this summer. Luckily that means likely your child is ready to get back there and have more fun. However, there are a few other things we have to do to prepare ourselves and our children over the next several weeks.

  • Readjust bed times - If your child stayed up later over the summer months to enjoy the longer days, now is the time to readjust them to their school-year hours. Getting them back on this schedule now will help prevent the early morning sleepy-heads when school starts.
  • Update your paperwork - If you did not have updated paperwork when you registered, please make sure that your child's latest medical records and immunizations are on file with the school. 
  • Get online! Triangle Academy now has a secure portal for our families to make communication and information sharing easier. Log into your account to update your address, phone number, emergency contacts, payment information as well as view any balances and future payments. 
  • Get your child mentally prepared - Talk about preschool and all the exciting activities they will participate in, friends they will meet.  Read books about going to preschool or going back to school. Review school safety with your child from always holding hands in the parking lot with your parent to not unbuckling in carpool until the vehicle has stopped and is in park. 
  • Supplies - Luckily at preschool we do not need a giant list of school supplies but it is still fun to get a new box of crayons or a fun new lunch box. Keep it small but make it fun and get your child a new tee-shirt or Triangle Academy tote bag to get them excited.

Now, the biggest question is are You mentally prepared? The closer I get to the beginning of school, where my youngest of 3 boys will be starting preschool for the first time, the more anxious I get. I know I have been through this twice before and I know I have 3 more years of preschool. Is it strange that I feel the Empty Nest coming on? If you are feeling anxious like me, plan a time to reflect when your kids start school. While you are emotional, journal some of your favorite memories of the baby times and take note of their exciting new adventures. Enjoy this time with your child and have fun watching them explore and grow!