Sports Extravaganza!

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I have one child who loves whatever team we love and even mimics our reactions during the game. Another child who either picks against us or picks a team by the color. His favorite color is green and therefore he loves ‘Greens Bay’. The youngest would rather play with his toys than pay attention to sports but loves it when we celebrate and only wants to join in then.

Do your kids follow any teams? Do they have a team they are rooting for in the Superbowl? Whether they follow football or not, sports are exciting to them, to play and/or watch, but even more so is the pride of having a team to support.

Our Sports Extravaganza on Thursday, January 31st is a great way for them to show their pride. We are asking the children to wear their favorite sports jersey, T-shirt or cheerleading uniform. Sports games and activities will be set up in the classrooms and a special snack will be served!

If you are like me and actually want to watch the game this weekend and you have children with short attention span, has some great free printables for the Super Bowl. You have to register on their website but it is free, and they have great preschool coloring pages and worksheets.
Click here to print a football coloring page I downloaded from

Yeah Football!

To Snow or not to Snow?

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Last week he had our first threat of snow for the winter. During the day we heard varying reports of a possible dusting to a potential 5 inches. If it snows, our kids are going to want to play, but does anything from last year fit? So, what’s a mom to do... we take inventory and hedge our bets on whether we will get snow or not before we run out and buy a new wardrobe. As parents of preschoolers, we know that what fit last year will not fit this year. Do we have boots, snow pants, thermal underwear or sleds? Is it worth getting at the beginning of winter or will we have a no-snow winter like last year? After living in Chicago, I love our random 70 degree winter days but I admit I would love to see a few snow falls. I just hate to waste money on winter gear that we will never use. I managed to avoid the grocery store rush for milk and bread and headed out to get my 8 year old snow pants, my 5 year old thermal underwear, and my 1 year old snow pants and boots. Unfortunately they only had the baby snow pants and boots in the girls department but I didn't think he would care. I came home feeling prepared and ready to play!

The next morning we had some frost on our grass, 3 very disappointed boys, and a pretty bummed out mom. If we don't get a snowfall this year, the 8 year old ski pants will likely fit again next year and even if they don't, he can hand them down to his brothers. The same goes for my 5 year-olds thermal underwear. But, I am pretty sure I will take the pink ski pants and purple boots back.... but the optimist in me wants to wait another month.

Don't forget that if we get another threat of winter weather, Triangle Academy closes and delays with Wake County Schools. We will always try to add these alerts on our website but you can check WRAL news or for closings and if Wake County Schools are closed or delayed, so are we. Also, if there is a delay, there will be no morning care and if there is an early release for predicted bad weather, there is no Stay-and-Play.