Preschool Registration Time

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I know it is hard to think about next school year in January but for all of us in the Triangle, January means Preschool Registration! If you are enrolling your child for the first time in preschool here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a preschool:

  • How do you feel when you tour the school? Does it make you happy?
  • Does the school look clean? What is their cleaning schedule and procedures?
  • Does the school have a playground and/or outside exercise area? How long do the children have to spend there?
  • What is the sick policy at school? You don't want your child at a school where they allow sick children to stay...
  • What is the teacher/student ratio?
  • Do their options fit with your schedule?
  • How many days a week do you need?
  • What time is drop off and pick up?
  • Do you need before or after school care regularly or even sometimes?
  • How flexible is the school in meeting your needs?
  • Are the teachers qualified?
  • Is the school 5-Star Rated?
  • Can your child eat lunch at school?
  • Are additional options, such as a foreign language, art or summer camps offered?
  • Does the school have car pool for easy drop off and pick up?
  • Are you allowed to visit the classroom?
  • Will there be field trips?
  • What are the policies on discipline, nutrition, illness and bad weather?
  • Is the school capable of handling your child's allergies and food sensitivities?
  • If applicable, does the school allow diapered children? How is that handled?
  • How secure is the school? Are the doors kept locked?
  • How do you feel when you tour the school? Does it make you happy?

Yes, I repeated the last one. I still remember my first open house at Triangle Academy. I had been to several other preschool tours but no school made me feel so happy and comfortable leaving my child. The atmosphere is so bright, the teachers are highly qualified, kind and caring. The classrooms are so clean and supplies so well organized. It seems there is always one teacher disinfecting at every turn. The playgrounds are so age appropriate. I feel my child is safe there. It makes me happy each time I walk in... even now, 7 years after my first son started there.

Everything in between the first and last items on that list are all very important and you should make sure that you review all the information in the Parent Handbook (you will be pleased to know how thorough they are with each item to keep you informed), but finding that school that makes you (and of course your child) happy is a wonderful feeling.

2014-2015 Triangle Academy Preschool Registration for new families will begin on January 28th, 2014.
Review the handbook, take a tour and register your child in the nurturing learning experience at Triangle Academy.